Join us for the 2023 ProutSisters Retreat, this July, either online or in-person!

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What is Prout?

The vision of the Progressive Utilization Theory (Prout) is to create a society where every individual can fulfill her potential and where all resources are utilized in an efficient and sustainable manner. The Prout model offers an integral approach to social change and justice, including people-centered economics, environmental sustainability, and a new model of prosperity.

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We have arrived at the current state of the world, teetering on the brink of economic and ecological collapse, under a male-dominated and hierarchical leadership.

It is time for us, as an integrated society, to move forward, guided by values of empathy, receptivity, cooperation and co-creation.

Our Events

Join us for events that inspire and educate women to co-create positive social, economic, political and environmental change.

The annual global Prout Sisters retreat has been held every year since 2017. Thanks to its growing success, it is evolving to a biannual gathering.

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“In this changed social atmosphere, the future of women is bright. The common masses will awake, their self-confidence and intelligence will increase. The way of writing history will be changed. Already it has started to change. In the future it will change more.”