Prout Sisters Retreat 2021

This event will focus on the important topic of food and water security. The planet is at a global tipping point with climate change impacting resources, an economy teetering on the brink of collapse, industrial agriculture decimating the health of our soil, bio-diversity and eco-system losses (including our precious pollinators, the bees):  What are some of the issues we are facing and what are our solutions? All of this will be presented from the perspective of women with a unique lens on the role that we can play in solving these problems. Come to this important seminar, presented by international speakers with expertise in these areas, to find out.

In addition to the topics mentioned, we will also provide space for yoga classes, kiirtan (mantra music), meditation, a chance to network with diverse women from all over the world, and a chance to collectively evolve the outcomes.


Elisa Catalini is responsible for the web-platforms and social media operational management, content curation and translation coordination within the Navdanya International campaigns and communications team. After 15 years of work in professional translations, international trade back-office management and technical customer service, in 2012 she decided to pursue her vocational interest in human rights, seed sovereignty, local agroecological food economies, environmental policy and philosophy of science by starting her collaboration with Navdanya International. Based in the hills of Reggio Emilia in Italy, she also works with local associations involved in the enhancement of the Apennines communities and culture in the Emilia region.

Carla Ramos Cortés is a researcher and writer for the Navdanya International communications and project management team. She is sociocultural anthropologist and geographer from the University of Texas at Austin, with a Masters in International Development Studies from Université Grenoble Alps, specializing in the impacts of industrial agriculture, agroecology and biodiversity- based food systems, the decolonization of worldviews, and the history and decolonization of development discourses. While living and studying in Austin, Texas she became heavily involved in the city’s local food movements through working for an urban farm which bridged together local economic development, food security and organic agriculture. She has also conducted ethnographic fieldwork with small farmers in Uttarakhand, India. A native Spanish and English speaker, she lives between the United States and Latin America.

Marion Bessol is the current intern at Navdanya International, helping the team with research and communication. After studying political science and philosophy in Toulouse, France she decided to focus her attention on sustainable farming systems and food sovereignty. She is now finishing a master’s degree in agroecology at AgroParisTech University in Paris to learn about ecosystem-based agriculture, which protects small farmers and indigenous knowledge just as much as biodiversity and climate. She is also writing a thesis on the human-nature relationship in urban farming, conducting field research and interviews in Paris and London. She has been involved in several environmental movements in France and abroad and has taken part in launching a community garden for students in her university.

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