Prout Sisters Seminar Series:

This seminar series is designed to bring women together who are interested in co-creating a more sustainable, equitable and benevolent future, through a series of workshops aimed at fostering knowledge and sharing about real-life alternatives to our existing paradigm. Women from all over the planet will join in a safe and nurturing space to educate ourselves and each other about lasting change and women-led, heart-centred ways of being on the planet.

November 2020 Seminar:

Governance, Leadership and Electoral Politics in a Time of Crisis: What Prout has to Offer.”

Programme (all times UTC):
  • 13:00 PM: Spiritual chanting, led by New Zealand ethnomusicologist, Dr. Jyoshna LaTrobe, to align our energy and intention and connect with the divine feminine
  • 13:15: Collective silent meditation
  • 13:30: A Brief Introduction to Prout: This overview of its theory and philosophy will help to familiarize those who are new to Prout with its guiding principles and values. Led by Acarya Devanistha from Massachusetts, US
  • 13:45: The key features of healthy governance, according to Prout, including Economic Democracy, the introduction of the Auditory Branch and other revolutionary approaches to ensure governments truly serve the people. Workshop by Professor Randi Jakobsen, Faculty of Education and International Studies, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway.
  • 14:05: Proutist Leadership Overview: What does benevolent, sustainable leadership look like? What is the role of benevolent leadership in relation to social change according to Prout? Workshop led by Satya Tanner, Master of Leadership, Leadership Coach.
  • 14:25: Electoral Politics: What changes need to occur to ensure that elections are fair and representative of the will of the people? Workshop led by Liila Hass, Systems change advocate and co-founder of the Prout Sisters collective
  • 14:45: Panel discussion and Q & A
  • 15:15: Optional break-out sessions for those who would like to connect and stay involved
  • 16:00: Close
Upcoming Events:

January, 2021: Prout Sisters New Year Retreat: Workshops, yoga, meditation, making connections.
Details coming soon

Previous Events:

July 2020: Prout Sisters Retreat, online via Zoom

Programme highlights:

  • “Understanding Racism: Deep Work Toward One Human Society”
  • “Why Women’s Leadership Works: Activating the Power of the Circle”
  • “Women’s PROUT in Action: Meeting the World Where She Is”
  • “Art Share for Systems Change: dance, music, storytelling, art, and theatre”
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