Prout Sisters Seminar Series:

This seminar series is designed to bring women together who are interested in co-creating a more sustainable, equitable and benevolent future, through a series of workshops aimed at fostering knowledge and sharing about real-life alternatives to our existing paradigm. Women from all over the planet will join in a safe and nurturing space to educate ourselves and each other about lasting change and women-led, heart-centred ways of being on the planet.

The next seminar is called “Women’s Leadership 2021”

DATE: May 22, 2021
TIME: 12:00pm UTC (8 am EST)

TOTAL TIME: 2.5 hours

Three women will present, each for 10 minutes, on unique themes.  The majority of time will be spent in breakout rooms, exploring questions around these themes and what our own experiences have taught us about women in leadership roles.  Our closing session will be a facilitated interaction to weave the threads together toward a more dynamic and caring leadership model.  We will use technologies such as Mentimeter and Jamboard to help make sure all our voices are heard.


Opening and Welcome (Lalita Maria Fagerlund)

The Evolution of Women’s Leadership (Liila Hass):

In the distant past, we lived in a Matriarchal society in which women were leaders both of the family and the clan. But as patriarchy took over, women became relegated to the lowest rungs of society. As we now emerge from that distant past, women struggle at times to find our true voice:  We are either under the influence of the masculine paradigm or else the stereotypical female as seen in films or in the media. Neither of these are necessarily our true selves.  How can we find our real leadership power?  How can we stand on our own two feet, with confidence and authenticity?  How important is the “circle of sisters” for women’s leadership?

Women in Prout Society (Shriraksha Mohan (Raksha)):

P.R. Sarkar says, “In the annals of human history we do find women whose memory glorifies not only womanhood, but the entire human world.” In this session, we discuss the unique strengths of women and how they can be used to lead humanity towards building a more equitable society.

The Secret Powers of Leadership: Empathy & Authenticity (Priyanka Kompella):

In this workshop, we will dive into the challenges that female spiritual leaders face in modern day society, and how to combat those challenges with empathy & authenticity. 

Closing Session (Roshnii Rose):

In the final session we will weave together the reflections and ideas that have emerged during the breakout discussions.


Lalita Maria Fagerlund is a retired RN, mother, grandmother and a pioneer for Infant Massage in Scandinavia, Poland, Russia and Romania. As one of the founders of ProutSisters, Maria believes in the power of female leadership to bring us into a balance with nature and ourselves as humans again.

Liila Hass owns her own holistic health business ( and works as a naturopath, yoga teacher, counselor and healer.  She is the founder of the Women’s Leadership Coalition (Australia), a graduate of the Tasmanian Leadership Program and an advocate for girls’ and women’s leadership.  She is passionate about the Prout model of societal wellbeing, ethical leadership, environmental stewardship and economic prosperity for all.

Shriraksha Mohan (Raksha) is an engineer by profession, a meditator, and an ardent advocate for Prout. She is motivated by the philosophy of Neo-Humanism to work towards creating a world in which all individuals have equal opportunities to progress and firmly believes Prout is the instrument to achieve this. She is one of the facilitators of a year-long intense Prout Study program, Deep Prout.

Priyanka Kompella is a multi-disciplinary engineer in Los Angeles, CA, managing projects & people for the world’s first 3D printed rocket to Mars. She previously worked on Advanced Humanoid Robotics at Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development. Raised as a spiritualist, she has been surrounded by meditators her entire life. Her leadership, mentorship, and work are governed by Yama & Niyama, which has impacted her life at every turn. In her free time, you can see her volunteering for Planetary Leadership Training, deepening her education in PROUT & Neohumanism, mentoring young girls in STEM, performing as a dancer, or hiking outdoors. 

Roshnii Rose is a mother of three, certified mentor and Arts and Communications lead for Systems Change Alliance, a platform where individuals and organisations discuss and offer solutions to the unprecedented economic, social, and environmental crises our planet is facing.

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