Join the Prout Sisters Visioning Session
and be part of shaping the future
of our powerful movement
for positive change.

Saturday, November 28th, 2020
14.30-16.30 UTC

In this session, we will explore the values and vision of the world that we are working towards. By the end, we hope to arrive at a shared Vision statement, which will be a guiding light for the movement of the Prout Sisters Collective. This is a chance to come together, share from the heart and take another step forwards in our ongoing collaboration. 

Prout Sisters Seminar Series:

This seminar series is designed to bring women together who are interested in co-creating a more sustainable, equitable and benevolent future, through a series of workshops aimed at fostering knowledge and sharing about real-life alternatives to our existing paradigm. Women from all over the planet will join in a safe and nurturing space to educate ourselves and each other about lasting change and women-led, heart-centred ways of being on the planet.

The next seminar will be announced soon.

Upcoming Events:

January, 2021: Prout Sisters New Year Retreat: Workshops, yoga, meditation, making connections.
Details coming soon

Previous Events:

Nov 2020: Prout Sisters Seminar Series, Governance, Leadership and Electoral Politics in a Time of Crisis: What Prout has to Offer

Programme highlights:

  • The key features of healthy governance, according to Prout
  • Proutist Leadership Overview: What does benevolent, sustainable leadership look like?
  • Electoral Politics: What changes need to occur to ensure that elections are fair and representative of the will of the people?

July 2020: Prout Sisters Retreat, online via Zoom

Programme highlights:

  • “Understanding Racism: Deep Work Toward One Human Society”
  • “Why Women’s Leadership Works: Activating the Power of the Circle”
  • “Women’s PROUT in Action: Meeting the World Where She Is”
  • “Art Share for Systems Change: dance, music, storytelling, art, and theatre”
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